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Authentic traditional handmade ramen

Ancient book records

In the "Vegetarianism Strategy" written by Xue Bao from Shaanxi Province at the end of the Qing Dynasty, it is said that the most popular "Zheng Noodle" practice in Shaanxi and Shanxi is Pingding, Shaanxi Chaoyi and Tongzhou in Shanxi. It is as thin as a leek and as thin as hanging noodles. It can be a trigon or hollow shape. It is durable, soft and tough. This kind of ramen is the ramen in Shanxi now. Ramen can be steamed, boiled, branded, fried and stir-fried, each with its own flavor.


Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef


Ramen is a famous product in Shanxi Province and one of the four pasta foods in Shanxi. In particular, the ramen in Jinzhong area, Yangquan and other places and Yangqu County in Taiyuan are the most famous. When eating this noodles, it is appropriate to pour with brine or various toppings, and the frying pot or soup noodles are also quite flavorful. Ramen noodles are very technical. To make ramen, you must master the correct essentials, that is, to prevent dehydration of ramen, shaking strips must be even, roll evenly, and sprinkle them into the pot to prevent squatting in the pot. Ramen can also be made into small ramen, hollow ramen, stuffing ramen, dragon beard noodles, flat ramen, water ramen and other different varieties according to different tastes and preferences.

For Every Taste

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Fresh Ingredients

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Experienced Chefs

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Why Choose Dancing-noodles

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